Kudzu - Video commenting

Kudzu allows journalists and readers to engage in short, focused discussions through integration of video comments.

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Our demo illustrates this through integration with Vine, a mobile platform for video sharing, but we've also prototyped a browser-based comment recording system. Vine videos are restricted to 6 seconds duration, which encourages more focused, higher-quality submissions.

This should facilitate increased user engagement - especially Vine, which targets younger and more mobile-focused audiences. It should also encourage higher comment quality and easier verification of commenter identity. In the browser-based version, face recognition could also be incorporated to reduce spam.

The newsroom gains a more visible and engaged readership, better targeted feedback on their articles, and the possibility to integrate user-generated commentary in the form of e.g. mashups, debates, etc.


Watch a video demo of our Vine demo or see our WebRTC video recording demo

Thanks to Tiffany Conroy, Marcos Vanetta, Sebastian Horn and Friedrich Lindeberg for contributing content, and to GEN for having us participate in the Barcelona Hackday

Thanks from us,
Kate McCurdy, Annabel Church, Stefan Wehrmeyer.

Our previous project News Reads us, made at the Berlin Hackday by Annabel Church, Stefan Wehrmeyer and Friedrich Lindenburg.

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